Honors Summer Snapshots: Andy

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Here’s a glimpse into Andy Fogerty’s low-key, Mountain-Dew-filled (multiple kinds, Andy, wow!) Ames summer:

Fogerty 1

So this isn’t my normal breakfast. But I splurged last time I went grocery shopping, because bacon.


Fogerty 2

My desk. Well, it’s kinda mine. I have to share with the other undergrads.


Fogerty 3

Lunch: bowtie pasta with a 3 cheese sauce courtesy of Amanda Malin. And, of course, garlic bread.


Fogerty 4

After work, Netflix. Right now I’m binge-watching Scrubs. I highly recommend it.


Fogerty 5

My dinner tonight is chicken fajitas. I may or may not have forgotten to take a picture before I started eating. Luckily, there are leftovers!


Fogerty 6

I was lazy and watched more TV after dinner. This time, a baseball game.


Fogerty 7

A brownie I made myself. Is four pictures of food too many?

Fogerty 8

Since you stuck around, here’s a picture of my roommate’s dog, Rose. People on the internet like pictures of dogs, right? Right???



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