Honors Summer Snapshots: Grady

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Grady Jensen is on an engineering internship working on a heart monitor (http://www.preventice.com/) and surreptitiously watching the Rochester Honkers:

Jensen 1

My view of downtown Rochester, MN from the parking lot of my apartment building.


Jensen 2

This is the building where I work. I am a Product Development Intern on the hardware team at a company called Preventice, located in the bottom floor of this building. Also you can see the top of the rear end of my car in this picture.


Jensen 3

This is the where the interns sit. It is now referred to as “The Quad” and my desk is the one in the back left by the window in this picture. It’s a major upgrade for me to have a window seat this summer!


Jensen 4

This is what my desk looks like up close. It’s pretty impressive right? I am even representing my Minnesota Twins baseball team with the cup in the back.


Jensen 5

This is the main product I am working on this summer. It is a wearable heart monitor that is paired with a specific cell phone for real-time information for both the patient and doctor. I have gotten to try it out for testing this summer and am currently wearing one as I type this!


Jensen 6

The view of Mayo Field from my apartment where the Rochester Honkers baseball team plays; I have watched a few games from the comfort of my apartment. It’s a pretty good view for free!


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