Honors Summer Snapshots: Mala

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Mala Sharma is working as a veterinary assistant while being personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy:

Sharma 1

Every morning I eat a bowl of froot loops while watching a medical talk show called The Drs. The doctors talk about everyday issues ranging from homemade zit removing remedies to the psyche of a woman who tried to go down a chimney of a guy’s house because he didn’t call her after their first date. I definitely recommend the show! PS. Froot loops don’t actually count as a serving of fruit, one of the many things you learn from the show.


Sharma 2

This summer I am working as a veterinary assistant. Job duties include feeding, cuddling, cleaning, medicating, cuddling and maintaining charts on our furry patients. Here is a picture of an owl who came in with some eye problems. Needless to say work was a hoot that day! (…not for the owl, but he made a good recovery!)


Sharma 3

I live 5 minutes away from the hospital so I usually come home for lunch. Today, I used the other 20 minutes to microwave two bowls of mac n cheese. I’ve learned being an independent adult means having the freedom to eat like 12 year old.


Sharma 4

After work, I try to get in an hour of studying for the GRE and MCAT. Organic Chemistry just gives me alkynes of trouble, if you know what amine 🙂


Sharma 5

Me + Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream= Great way to end the day! Some might even say it was mint to be:)


Sharma 6

I usually watch an episode or seven of Grey’s Anatomy before going to sleep. I like to think of it as studying for vet school someday. PS. Its a great show but if you want to keep your sanity do not start the show, I repeat do not start the show. Everything is great at first with flowers and rainbows and then all of a sudden Shonda Rhimes (the show’s writer) rips out your heart and then you can’t do anything about your bleeding heart because the heart surgeon Dr. Yang moved away and every other doctor is either a victim of PTSD, cancer, Alzheimer’s, a plane crash, death, or drug addiction. I have a lot of feelings about this show.


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