Honors Summer Snapshots: Charlie

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Charlie Labuzzetta has gone to South Carolina to dance and to eat sushi:

Greetings from Charleston! This summer I’m interning at the College of Charleston (CofC) as part of the Omics Research Experience for Undergraduates. Everyday life is pretty awesome here in Chucktown, but today happened to be a bit more exciting than normal (This acts as a disclaimer that my life isn’t always as eventful)…

Labuzzetta 1

My day usually begins with a walk through the CofC campus to the gym. I’ve spared you a picture of my workout routine considering the fact that I’ll let you believe I lift significant amounts of weight, while in reality I lift about 2 pounds.


Labuzzetta 2

After breakfast and the morning routine, I bike to work through downtown Charleston. The streets are picturesque, but I was unable to capture their beauty. It is surprisingly difficult to get an aesthetic picture while riding a bicycle.


Labuzzetta 3

The CofC Computer Science Department is situated right on Charleston Harbor with great views of the Ravenel Bridge. Occasionally we can see dolphins from the balcony and on Wednesdays we are shuttled across the harbor by the CofC Captain to Ft. Johnson. We’ve been told our career has peaked with this internship and I think that might be true.


Labuzzetta 4

The Omics REU is focused on analyzing genomic (DNA) data and developing new bioinformatic techniques. I spend most of my time puzzled by the endless errors my computer throws at me…


Labuzzetta 5

The projects our group is working on are quite exciting. My project involves analyzing different softwares to develop a bioinformatic pipeline which will (hopefully) better differentiate between disease free and relapse lung cancer patients from sequenced mRNA. Others are working with turtle and dinoflagellate genomes.


Labuzzetta 6

We congregate for lunch on the balcony to relax and watch the endless stream of BMW’s be loaded onto cargo ships to be shipped to Germany and China. As you can see, we are all huddled under the umbrella because the heat here in Charleston can be stifling.


Labuzzetta 7

My desk isn’t anything special, but do note the Iowa State Central Campus background on my laptop. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back in the fall.


Labuzzetta 8

After work we went to O-Ku, a Japanese sushi restaurant, where I was lame and ordered fried rice. I did try sushi for the first time though and it was so different than I expected that I’ve been convinced to order a roll next time. Usually we return to our dorm to cook in the tiny, dirty kitchen, but the sushi was half-priced today, so we were practically obligated to try it out.


Labuzzetta 9

On Wednesday and Sunday nights there is free Swing/Charleston dancing at a bar called Prohibition. We take advantage of the opportunity weekly and I’m surprised at how much I’ve grown to enjoy it.


Labuzzetta 10

I usually finish off the night by starting a few jobs on the server at work. Anytime the computer isn’t running something is wasted time, so it’s best to keep it busy. I only have 3 weeks left here in Charleston. Hopefully the rest of the summer is as great as it has been so far!


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