Honors Summer Snapshots: Mike

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Now that Orientation is finally over, Mike Flannery can reflect on his summer (THERE’S GIFS!):

For the third summer in a row I’ve been living in Ames and have absolutely loved it. Not only is this a great town with everything you would ever want within a 10 minute drive, but what I have been doing is pretty fun as well. What have I been doing? Just ask a member of next year’s FHP class! They’ll tell you that I stood in front of a room cracking lame jokes with an overexcited but completely sincere Emily Wilcox inviting them into this wonderful thing we call Honors. I also gave the hard sell to incoming freshman who might have been interested in Music here at Iowa State. Here’s some snapshots (and GIFs) of what I’ve been doing on and off of the job this summer.

Flannery 1

As soon as I arrive at Jischke, Emily and I slurp down our respective forms of coffee. Some like it hot, some like cold.


Flannery 2

Then I go downstairs and offer all of the incoming students bribery T-Shirts. All they have to do is like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We are now waaaayyyyyyy ahead of the University of Iowa’s Honors Program in Facebook likes.


Flannery 3

Then I like to kick off the orientation session with a sick selfie! There was even one time when my camera was so full of selfies that I had to stop the orientation session, delete some photos, and then take another one. This was that selfie.


Flannery 4

Some days the session isn’t quite so full.


Flannery 5

After the new FHPers are properly oriented, I then commence my rush across campus to fulfill my band duties. I start things off with a swing by my favorite food truck on campus, Mac-U-Bana. It serves up Cuban food, fried mac and cheese, and other delicious foods ready to be eaten on the go.



Then I run off to the MU and like superman in a phone booth, I transform into…… Marching Band Man!!


Flannery 6

At the Resource Fair I help run the Dept. of Music’s booth. I recruit students for all of the musical ensembles at Iowa State, but my favorite is of course Marching Band. That would be the ISUCF’V’MB for those of you keeping score at home.



After another informational meeting I help lead for the Marching Band, I make my way back to the honors building which presents a few problems. With all of the improvements being done to campus over the summer, navigating around the constructions sites can be problematic. Thankfully, I’ve gotten pretty good at it!


Flannery 7

Back at Honors, I perform various office duties like answering phones…


Flannery 8

…eating some jolly ranchers…


Flannery 9

…and hanging out with Suzanne.


I spend the majority of my weekends on Interstate 35. Between my parents in Des Moines, my girlfriend in Minneapolis, my Grandparents at the Iowa-Minnesota border, a lake house near Duluth, and one soccer game in Kansas City, I’ve spend a lot of time on the road. Here are a few snapshots from my travels (in order from where they were taken North to South):


Flannery 10



Flannery 11

Duluth again


Flannery 12



Flannery 13

More Minneapolis


Flannery 14

Weezer in Minneapolis


Flannery 15

And USA vs. Panama down at Sporting Park in Kansas City


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