Honors Summer Snapshots: Ashley

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. Honors Graduate Assistant Ashley Overman is ice blocking down MOUNTAINS in the wilds of the Rockies:

Rather than one day, I am giving you’re a snapshot of what my summer has been like. Some of my days are pretty busy and I forget to take pictures (and some of those days involve making a lot of beds) so I thought this would be more interesting.


Overman 1

I have been spending my summer at Western State Colorado University as an intern with Residence Life & Conference Services. My role includes managing the stay of the various groups that use our campus during the summer. We have had everything from athletic campus, Christian camps, an opera workshop and a geology symposium. We have already had nearly 6,000 people stay on campus since the beginning of June!


Overman 2

My staff is 14 undergraduate students, another graduate intern, and my supervisor. This is all of us on a rafting trip during training at the beginning of the summer.


Overman 3

Next to the campus and town of Gunnison is a mountain that has a giant “W” on the side of it. I’m told that it is the largest collegiate symbol in the world, which is pretty impressive.


Overman 4

So of course I hiked the 3 miles up the mountain to see it firsthand. From the top of W mountain, (the official name is actually Mt. Tenderfoot) I got a great view of the town and University. Western State’s campus is all of the red buildings.


Overman 5

Me at the very top of the W.


Overman 6

Most of the student staff I work with are from Colorado, so they enjoy showing me around. WSCU is in Gunnison, which is a rather rural and small town. So I learned that for entertainment people go “ice blocking”. Which involves sitting on a 5 pound block of ice and sliding down a steep hill on campus nicknamed “the Green Monster”. So basically it’s sledding in the summer.


Overman 7

Western State is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, so when I am not working I have been exploring the beautiful landscape around me. I did a 10 mile hike with two co-workers during which we got rained and hailed on several times! It was still very beautiful and certainly a memorable experience.


Overman 8

I also gave mountain biking a try this summer, which I learned I am not very good at. I am glad that I gave it a try though, and in the future I will stick to more relaxed activities.


Overman 9

Summer weather in Colorado is gorgeous, but because we are in the mountains we do get a fair amount of rain. So when the weather isn’t as nice I spend my time inside with Netflix. My roommate and I have successfully watched the entire 10 season series of Friends this summer. I am not sure whether to feel accomplished or ashamed.


Overman 10

One of the restaurants in town, The Gunnisack, offers what is called a Gunny Cookie. It’s a half pound cookie fresh from the oven topped with homemade ice cream and whipped cream. On Tuesdays they’re half off – every college student’s dream! They’re amazing and something I am going to miss about this town, so I couldn’t complete my blog without a photo of one.


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