Being a Non-Engineer at the Engineering Career Fair

by Charlie Labuzzetta

Even though I’m a math major, I decided to attend the Engineering Career Fair last Tuesday. Let’s just say, thank goodness there are a few companies that admit they are tired of talking to engineers! Don’t get me wrong, I think Career Fairs are great, but it can be extra difficult to sell yourself if you’re not an engineer.

Without a positive attitude, plenty of things might make you feel like you don’t belong. First of all, you realize that there is no colored dot to stick on your nametag as a non-engineering major. (Actually, that’s a lie. I just committed the faux pas of failing to realize that there is a puke-yellow dot for “science” majors.)



After searching through Cyhire for the few companies that accept your major, you find that the map you picked up doesn’t actually list your major for those companies anymore…



Since you are already there, you decide to stay and face the situation with as much enthusiasm as possible. The recruiter you planned on using as a warm up speech tells you that you came on the wrong day and then continues to emphasize that you are the wrong “type” of math major.



You steal a laugh from the next recruiter and they legitimately seem impressed with your resume! Some engineers are being handed interviews right and left, but you’ll take what you can get.



In the hour and a half long line for Microsoft, your Physics major friend passes off info that a certain company is super excited about non-engineers. By this time, your elevator pitch is polished and you can spout off dozens of convincing tidbits about the benefits of non-engineering majors.



And it turns out that networking really is the biggest perk of the Career Fair. Even if you don’t end up with an interview, you still talked to people and handed out your resume. At the end of the day, a company may even be so excited about you that they have you talk to several of their recruiters because they think you’re awesome. And at that point, you feel like the future is bright…even though you’re not an engineer.




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