10 Things I’ve Learned in College, Placed over a Picture of a Dolphin

by Traer Schon

As a junior in college, I feel like I’ve finally earned the right to give unsolicited life advice to everyone younger than me. Obviously I’ve learned a lot in my classes at Iowa State, but I’ve also learned valuable things outside of the classroom. Here are some of those things, placed over the same picture of a dolphin (and 1 squirrel). If you don’t care about what I’ve learned, I hope you can at least find value in the majesty and pure joy emanating from this bottlenose dolphin.





*The University Honors Program does NOT espouse this belief, and in fact loves the ISU Parking Division. Further, the Honors Program thinks the Parking Division should seek Traer’s car out and teach him a lesson about who runs things around here.







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