Some October Pros and Cons

by Kourtney Kostecki

Pro: You’re done with September, which means you’re one month closer to Thanksgiving Break. Who doesn’t love a week of no classes with a special day set aside to ea- I mean, be thankful for things?
Con: You’re done with September, which mean you’re one month closer to finals. One month closer to having to update that GPA on your resume.

Pro: It’s perfectly, 100% acceptable to put pumpkin flavoring on/in everything.
Con: There’re huge lines at Starbucks because everybody and their mother wants a pumpkin spice latte and all you wanted was a cup of coffee and why does everything have to be pumpkin flavored?!

Pro: Sports. All day, every day. Baseball is culminating in the playoffs and the World Series. (GO CARDINALS!) Football of every variety, from high school to college to professional is beginning. You know how excited you are to watch the Cyclones lose to basically everyone.
Con: The words “football” and “Iowa State” are now in the same sentence; it ends badly for everyone.

Pro: Halloween is just around the corner, and you get to start planning your costume! Always a good time: toeing the line between terrifying small children and disappointing your parents.
Con: You have to get through midterms first, your grades toeing the line between terrifying yourself and disappointing your parents.

Pro: It’s cold enough to start wearing jeans, sweaters, flannels, hoodies, etc. Nothing says “bonfire” like jeans and a flannel.
Con: You’re questioning every life decision you’ve made that’s led you to this point. You’re getting into the “meat” of your classes and wondering why you decided to do this to yourself. As an added bonus, you have to start thinking about registration and decide how much you want to torture yourself next semester.

Regardless of the downsides, October brings apple picking, jeans, pumpkin patches, sweaters, bonfires, pumpkin-flavored everything, sports galore, Halloween: sounds like a good time to me! So, October – let’s do this.

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