Steph’s Definitive Ranking of Ames Pizza

by Steph Kohles

Pop Quiz: What is the food that goes perfectly with every mood, whether ecstatic, disappointed or bored? What goes with every stressed out finals week and celebratory intramural win? Pizza, obviously. Pizza=life. Below is a completely unscientific and probably biased opinion of the top four local pizza joints in Ames:

Kohles 1

  1. Vesuvius Pizza

Vesuvius prides themselves on their wood fire pizza and speedy service (I’m never going to complain about a short wait between ordering and stuffing my face with what I consider its own food group). According to their website, Vesuvius is also all about keeping things close to home by using local ingredients for their unique pizza flavors. My recommendation: Five-Meat Mayhem or Signature Pizza #8 (Provolone, goat cheese, and mozzarella).

Kohles 2

  1. Great Plains Pizza Sauce & Dough Company

Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company has been serving the downtown Ames area since my parents went to Iowa State. The menu includes a variety of unique crust options including whole wheat and thin or thick styles. My roommate swears by the Oat Style Pizza. With healthier crust choices and toppings such as shrimp and pineapple, it’s easy to pretend that you’re actually eating a salad.

Kohles 3

  1. Pizza Pit

Pizza Pit has a great atmosphere and retro décor worthy of Throwback Thursday instagramming. The location on Welch Ave makes it a late night staple with fast and hot delivery. After getting its start in Madison, Wisconsin, Pizza Pit knows how to cater to college students. I often judge a restaurant by the quality of their mozzarella sticks and cheeseballs, and Pizza Pit passes my test. I recommend any of the pizzas….with extra cheese of course!

Kohles 4

  1. Jeff’s Pizza

I don’t think it’s possible to be an ISU student without knowing about Jeff’s Pizza. While I personally believe there are better places to get pizza, the Smotharella sticks are One of the best aspects of Jeff’s is that it is open late for the pesky cravings after a late night study sesh or Ames adventure, as they sell pizza by the slice too! If you’re looking for a great way to indulge on your gym cheat day (but really, every day is cheat day) Jeff’s can get you the hookup.

Kohles 5

Worried about how to get through the slump before Thanksgiving break? Grab some friends and your favorite pie.

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