The Post-High School Athlete

by Megan Elliott

Though I wasn’t a sport fanatic in high school, I was a two sport athlete and enjoyed running around on the playing field in my free time. It was a good way to let off steam after a tough day of classes and feel like a kid again, but it was getting to be exhausting. Upon entering college, I was sure that I would enjoy the freedom of not having to go to practice or listen to [obnoxious] coaches; however, my experience, as well as many others, has been quite the opposite. There is no dedicated time to improve, or even play the sport you love. Teammates aren’t around to congratulate you after reaching a goal and exercising at the gym just isn’t quite as fun.

In college, it takes more effort to play sports. Let me tell you a secret: it is hard to find enough willing people to fill a baseball lineup and nearly impossible to find a friend who truly knows how to play tennis (giving lessons is fun only to an extent). The good news is there are intramurals and clubs for almost every sport you can imagine, and everyone can sign-up to
satisfy their competitive desires! The bad news is they often meet at inconvenient times. It’s the age old necessity of having to prioritize what you want to do with your life while in college.

Though I don’t like confessing regrets, I must say, I wish I had tried intramurals sooner in college and made time to attend practices. My advice to post-high school athletes is to chisel time in your busy schedule and play the sports you love. It’s worth it. Once you lace back up your shoes and the adrenaline starts pumping, the motions come back without a thought. Your lingering guilt about putting off studying for that big exam will fade away as you remember just how fun life can be. You will relive the glory days and once again feel like a kid. Make sure to stretch or ice up afterwards…those muscles will hurt. But it will be the best kind of pain you can imagine.

Check out all the awesome intramural opportunities and get back in the game!


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