#TBT: the 2015 FHP Retreat

by Mala Sharma

Mala was a Retreat Orange-Vested Assistant (ROVA) during the 2015 FHP Retreat in October, which means she helped run the evening’s activities and carry around a lot of things in the dark. As a throwback, here’s a little bit of what she saw at the retreat:

Sharma 1

The night starts out with some creative picture taking with each Honors section!

Sharma 2

After grabbing some food, some sections enjoyed the lovely weather and got to know each other better by sitting in circles and talking about their feelings…

Sharma 3

… while other sections played Ninja, a game where you literally try to chop each other’s limbs off. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes your Honors section stronger šŸ™‚

Sharma 4

Throughout the night, there were many events that students took part in, for example making blankets for Project Linus. Project Linus is an organization that helps families in need.

Sharma 5

Another event students participated in was SpaceCrunch. There are shapes on the floor and each honors section had to fit all their members in the shape. This is a bonding event where people get real close, real fast.

Sharma 6

Each section prepared a 20 second skit that showed their creativity and class theme ( and mad dance skillz).

Sharma 7

No karaoke is complete without jazz hands!

Sharma 8

Ending the night with a good ole GLOWSTICK DANCE PARTAYYYYYY!!!

Sharma 9


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