ISU Bucket List

by Krista Klocke

This is my last year as an undergrad at ISU, so I’m trying to cross more things off of my ISU bucket list. Iowa State has so many opportunities, even though this is my fifth year here, I’m realizing just how many things I’ve never tried before!

One of the really cool things about Iowa State is the concerts. Artists from every genre are represented in the concerts each semester. If you pay attention to the concert lists, I can guarantee you’ll find something in a genre you will like. At the beginning of this fall semester, X Ambassadors and Smallpools performed in the Great Hall. Their concert was absolutely FANTASTIC and also super cheap, which is another perk of campus concerts! (The photo is of X Ambassadors).


One of the great things about Iowa is that we are a magnet for politicians because of our first-in-the-nation caucuses. Even better is that many of these politicians come to us right on campus. This semester, I attended a town hall speech and Q&A session in the Great Hall by Carly Fiorina, who is an amazing orator and all around cool lady. If you’re interested in politics, there are also student organizations devoted to the political parties, as well as PoliSci classes to learn more about the political process.

Klocke 2

I also realized that I had never been to Arcadia Coffee, which is just up the street from campus on Lincoln Way. They make an excellent green tea latte! (That’s what’s in the photo). There are a variety of great coffee shops in Ames (including a couple that are close to campus). Branch out from Caribou and Starbucks, find a local place to feed your caffeine habit, and become a regular there – you’ll be glad you did 🙂

Klocke 3

There are also a lot of ways to feed your creative side while you’re a student. Did you know that the ISU Bookstore sells coloring books for adults? Yeah, we’re in college, but coloring is an extremely relaxing way to spend half an hour every once in a while. The Workspace in the MU also has lots of classes and activities to help you tap into your artistic side. On family weekend, I took my mom and cousin to the “paint your own pottery” night. The first time I did paint your own pottery, I painted a Doctor Who themed cup with a free-hand TARDIS. It turned out…ok. This time went much better, and I now have a hand-painted vase sitting on my bookcase!

Klocke 4

What’s on your ISU bucket list? Take my advice, and don’t wait until you’re a senior to check them off your list 🙂


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