The 5 Most Important Studying Songs

by Emma Runquist

Dead week and finals week are always an interesting time in a student’s life. Often we are a bundle of stress fuelled by caffeine, studying, kicking ourselves for not studying sooner, and watching too many episodes of Park and Rec because we “earned it.”

Finals got me feeling like:

Runquist 1

To help you combat your procrastination and power your late night study session, I have complied 5 songs for you to study to or use for a dance break. I promise no one will judge you if you start bopping your head to the music.

***For when you feel down about your unwritten 10-page research paper:

“Ignition/Do You…” Phoebe Ryan
Phoebe Ryan has masterfully combined two classic songs into one infectiously catchy song that is perfect for when you’re feeling down about your unwritten 10-page research paper or the mountain of pages left to review.

***For your lolz study break:

“Peanut Butter Jelly” Galantis
This is one of those music videos that you almost have to watch twice to get fully comprehend the silliness of it all. “Peanut Butter Jelly” is a song that doesn’t take anything seriously and neither should you during your study breaks!

***For when you need an epic soundtrack to inspire you:

“Necessary Evil” Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer has composed some of the most epic soundtracks of our time, ranging from The Dark Knight Rises and Inception to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. Needless to say, if you want to turn reviewing flashcards into beating bad guys to a pulp with every correct answer, Hans Zimmer is the answer.

***For that one easy, GPA boosting class:

“My Boo” Usher and Alicia Keys
This class has spared you from countless hours of homework, studying, and stress any other three credit class would have punished you with. It’s high time you realize and appreciate this class. The perfect way to say “thank you” is by singing it a song and this R&B throwback is just the thing.

***For pumping you up before your final:

“Enter Sandman” Metallica
No explanation necessary.


“All I Want for Christmas Is You” Mariah Carey
When you’re in the middle of finals, it’s hard to remember that the holidays are basically here. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is the perfect song to start off your roommate Christmas party, walking out of your last final, or you’re just longing for that ideal GPA.

Runquist 2


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