My Cat Won’t Leave Me Along: The Saga

by Kelsey Granneman

When I go home for break, my cat will literally not leave me alone. It’s incredibly adorable. I have compiled a list of things to do during break when you and your cats are BFF’s and are reunited after 3 months of not seeing each other:

1. Use them as a table when they are laying on your lap.

Granneman 6

2. Get them their own pillow do your bed so they will stop using your face as a pillow.

Granneman 1Granneman 2Granneman 5

3. Put them in a soda box and take a picture before they figure out what’s happening (side note: she was born on the streets during a storm and had an eye issue when she was rescued. It’s totally fine, it just gives her more street cred).

Granneman 4

4. Photoshop a Santa hat on the picture you took of them stuck in the soda box and put it on your family Christmas card.


5. Decide your cats really add to the Christmas card, so you put them in every Christmas card.

Granneman 8

Granneman 7

6. Create a blog post that is literally just you bragging about your cats.

Granneman 3


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