A “News” Year Resolution

by Eric Schnieders

Newspapers…often pieces of paper that seem to sit idly in the library just begging to be read by someone. As of January 1st, that someone is me. When the New Year began I wanted to pick a resolution that would be beneficial but also realistic. Something that could be accomplished amidst all the business of classes and other time commitments. I also needed to find something that was easily accessible. It turns out that attempting to stay up to date on current events by reading newspapers perfectly fit all of these requirements.

We’re almost two months into 2016 so let me give you an update. At the beginning of the semester I found it very easy to spend 30-60 minutes at the library pouring over the Wall Street Journal, the newspaper I selected to read. Now as the number of exams, quizzes, and homework I have per week has increased it is difficult to get to the library every day. However, I shoot to make it at least three times per week.

Staying up to date on current events has provided many benefits both inside and outside the classroom. With the extra amount of a reading I do in a week I feel my comprehension skills have improved slightly. This type of reading is also a nice escape from the world of boring, dry textbooks we often find ourselves engulfed in. It is also beneficial to know what going on in the world and the area we live in. Although many people feel that the news has a direct relationship to them that’s just not the truth. As I’m looking to head to medical school after my time here at ISU, whenever I am reading articles (online or on physical paper) I will often look for ones related to the medical or health fields. By staying up to date on my field of interest when I walk into medical school interviews I will feel more confident and at ease having a pretty solid background of the events that continue to shape the medical field.

Now where do you find all these newspapers? Head on over to your friendly Parks Library and look for the bookends reading room. This room contains probably over 100 different newspapers from major cities all over the US and even a few international newspapers. Along with national newspapers this room also contains many local papers from all around the state of Iowa. Pick out a newspaper that will provide you with the most relevant information for your interests, sit down in one of the comfy chairs located nearby and get to reading!

Whatever your New Year’s resolution was I hope you are still succeeding at it. If it may have fallen through and you’re looking for a new goal perhaps consider a “News” Year revolution. You won’t regret it.

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