How to Get Through Midterms

by Morgan Hassebroek

With midterms upon us, many of us are feeling the stress that is almost worse than finals week. Not only do you have massive tests coming up, but you also have to do all the homework that you normally have every week. In order to weather this difficult time, here are 5 ways you can destress between study sessions. Good Luck!

  1. Watch Netflix. This method works best if you stick to shows that are about 20 minutes in length, like Friends or The Office. That way, after resting your brain for one episode, you are ready to get back to studying and you haven’t wasted too much time. Just make sure you limit yourself to one Netflix break every 2 hours or so.
  2. Go to the Gym. Whether you go to State or Lied, getting your heart rate up and muscles warm can not only be a stress reliever, but can also help you remember all of those dates, people, or mechanisms you just memorized. An added bonus is getting in shape for that spring break trip you get to take after midterms are done.
  3. Listen to Music. Whether you’re listening to your heavy metal motivational playlist to get you pumped up, pop music during your break, classical music to serve as background noise or anything in between, music can help you study more effectively. Try out different types of music at different times to find out what works best for you. I, personally, can’t listen to music while I’m studying, so I listen to my favorite songs during my breaks to lighten the mood.
  4. Have a Dance Party with Friends. Anyone who has watched Grey’s Anatomy knows that dancing makes any bad situation a million times better.
  5. SLEEP! Remember how your mom always told you to get to bed at a decent time? Well, studies have shown that getting sleep before that test is actually much more conducive to recall than staying up late to go over those notes one last time. At least 5 hours of sleep is necessary. Sometimes, caffeine just can’t do it like sleep can.

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