The Things No One Warned You About Living In An Off-Campus Apartment

by Lily O’Leary

  1. You will know your upstairs neighbors’ traffic patterns and sometimes get concerned when you hear them up late at night. They usually stop stomping at 10pm and its 2am. Are they study-stomping? Did they not get enough stomps on their Fitbit for the day?
  1. You will start and unload the dishwasher 5 times a day because dirty dishes appear in the sink out of nowhere and your roommates are incapable of doing them.
  1. Sometimes your bathroom ceiling doubles as a waterfall. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but it happened to me and let me tell you, I’m still scarred from it.
  1. You will know exactly how long you can survive on soup and frozen chicken nuggets, so you only go to the store like once a month.
  1. The university shovels and salts their sidewalks 80 times better than residential and business areas off campus, so you have to ice stake to class.
  1. You will occasionally make your friends pay you back in quarters so you can do laundry.
  1. You will realize that you get annoyed at your roommates for the same reason your parents used to get annoyed at you. Send them apology flowers. They had to put up with you being annoying for 18 years, you have to deal with your roommates being annoying for 1 year.

One comment on “The Things No One Warned You About Living In An Off-Campus Apartment

  1. Colton says:

    This is a fun post. Good work.

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