Places to Study When You’re Sick of the Library

by Sydney Hill

The library is usually a great place to study but sometimes productivity hits an all time low there. Think dead week when every single table is full and there’s nowhere to charge your quickly dying laptop. Or when you have 6000 things to do, but every person you know seems to be at the library and wants to catch up. When this happens, turn to my nifty list of other places to study!

Place: Cafes on campus
Perks: Constant caffeine and food source, smells nice
Downfalls: Can be noisy, not always outlets
Best for: short study sessions that you don’t need to concentrate too hard for
Buildings and Hours: Buildings with Cafes

Place: Classrooms
You can talk to yourself like a crazy person while you study and you won’t get weird looks; whiteboards you don’t have to share, plethora of outlets
Downfalls: Empty buildings are sometimes creepy at night…
Best for: group study sessions, all-nighters, deep concentration

Place: Common areas in College and Department buildings
Perks: usually both tables and couches available, outlets are pretty common
Downfalls: some locations have a lot of traffic (AKA prime people watching)
Best for: Studying for tests or doing homework
Buildings to try: Curtiss, Agronomy, Pearson, Gerdin, 4th Floor Molecular Biology

Hill 1

Harl Commons in Curtiss Hall

Place: Ames Public Library
Perks: Less likely to run into friends, ample seating available
Downfalls: they aren’t open late, you need a car
Best for: distraction-free study sessions

Hill 2

Ames Public Library, on the corner of Douglas and 6th Streets – accessible via CyRide’s Red route

Place: Perkins
Perks: Pie and coffee by your side, open 24 hours
Downfalls: money
Best for: Last night study sessions with friends

Place: Cafes in Ames
Perks: Fancy coffee and desserts, fun atmosphere
Downfalls: outlets are hard to find, have to spend money, can be noisy, need a ride
Best for: short study sessions with friends or by yourself
Cafes in Ames: Stomping Grounds, Vinyl Café, Café Milo, Café Diem

Hill 3

Cafe Milo

Other places worth a try: Books a Million, Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union, Sloss House

Hill 4

Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union


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