Moving Hilton Down South

by Morgan Hassebroek

Will a 3-peat be in the cards this year? Thursday night, our beloved Cyclones take on 2 seed Oklahoma in the first round of the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament. Many fans are already migrating to Kansas City aka Hilton South. Wonder why even ESPN calls the Big 12 Tournament Hilton South? Here’s just the Power and Light District in Kansas City:

Hassebroek 1

We, by far, have the most fans at the Big 12 Tournament. Look at all that Cardinal and Gold. Brings a tear to my eye to see how much our fans love our Cyclones.

The last two years, we have fought hard, but have always been the 1 or 2 seed in this tournament, which makes it much easier to win the first and even second round games. This year, the Big 12 is insanely tough. Because of our losses during the season, and this Saturday’s loss to Kansas, we have been placed as the 6 seed. High enough to get a night off on Wednesday, but not high enough to keep us away from Oklahoma first round. In my opinion, this game could go either way, and it is all going to depend on one aspect of our game that has been a glimmer of hope some games and nonexistent others…defense. Our defense on Buddy Hield is going to have to be stellar in order to win this basketball game. We’ve done it before this season at Hilton, with Matt Thomas playing great defense on Hield in the second half, but now we need to do it away from Hilton and its magic. Hopefully Hilton South has some magic in it too.

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