7 Reasons to Take the Honors Section of English 302 (with Memes)

by Amanda Fishel

As a business major, I did not have much of a choice on whether or not to take English 302: Business Communication, but I did have the choice to take the Honors section. Just when I thought English 250 was enough, surprise! Honestly though, I enjoyed English 302H more than English 250. The class’s only prerequisites are English 250 and a junior classification. If you need more than just my personal opinion to convince you, below are 7 reasons you should take the Honors section of English 302.

1) A small class:
Including me, there were only 10 people in my class. My friend who was also taking English 302 had over 25 people in her non-Honors section. Having a small class made presentations much easier since I only had to present to 9 other people. Additionally, I loved that everyone in the class knew each other!

Fishel 1

2) Ability to shape future classes:
The smaller class size enabled us to converse with our professor about what worked well in the class and what didn’t. Our professor then listened to our thoughts and revised future classes and her other non-Honors sections.

Fishel 2

We’ve all had teachers like this 😦

3) More participation means more enjoyable discussions:
We’ve all had those awkward in-class discussions where no one wants to give their opinion, or where only one person dominates the discussion. This rarely happened in my Honors section. Honors students love to share their opinions which made in-class discussions actually enjoyable! Everyone respected each other and felt like they could contribute to the conversation comfortably. Simply put, it was very easy to share thoughts.

Fishel 3

Luckily, you don’t have this with Honors students’ discussions

4) Everyone in class has something in common:
Since everyone in the class already has something in common, it makes small talk easier. Forget talking about the weather, it’s more fun being able to discuss things like different honors seminars you’ve taken or favorite FHP memories.

Fishel 4

5) Not everyone was a business major:
Even though the class content regarded business communication, there was a great mix of majors in the class. The different perspectives actually made class discussions more interesting. No matter their major, everyone was able to get something meaningful out of the class and benefited from the variety.

Fishel 5

6) Better group work:
In past classes, I have had my fair share of group projects in which I have been forced to complete a majority of the work. This class was different, mainly because it was an Honors section. My group actually split the work evenly. We each did our own share of work, and did it well! (Such a rare concept in college…) S/O to my group members, Lauren and Austin, if you’re reading this!

Fishel 6

Group projects in non-Honors classes

7) Overall, this class was very valuable because I learned how to speak more professionally and communicate through workplace correspondence, all through real-world scenarios. Take an Honors course!

Fishel 8

You after this class

Fishel 7




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