Eric Has a Cat Problem!

by Eric Schnieders


On my break trip to Chicago I realized that I have a bit of a problem…a cat problem. I think everyone in my group discovered this when I crossed a pretty busy Chicago street chasing a couple of stray cats which I planned on stuffing into my backpack to bring back to Ames. Now then. The first step in recovery from a cat addiction is admitting you have a problem. So here is my admission of guilt. In the words of the famous eHarmony cat lady, “I love cats; I love every kind of cat”. They just fill you with so much joy and happiness. So if you’re feeling a little down on your luck or need some cheering up check out this list of my favorite cat/other animal videos on the “youtubes”:

  1. Talking Kitty Cat- Bad! Bad! Bad!
  2. Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump
  3. Ultimate Dog Tease
  4. Funny Cats Vine Compiliation

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