My Spring Break Basketball Experience

by Traer Schon

Now that we’re firmly back in the swing of school, spring break seems like a distant memory — it’s like a cool cousin you only get to see at your family’s Thanksgiving once a year. This year over break, I was able to travel with the spirit squad to the men’s Big 12 and NCAA basketball tournaments, and I documented the experience in photos. I tried to keep it interesting so it wouldn’t be a completely insufferable humblebrag of a blog post, but you can be the judge of that.

Schon 1

I got to ride in this super sweet van, even though I was not a member of the media. Although super sweet, it was apparently confused…you are not a bus, cool van!

Schon 2

Before the game against Oklahoma, I took to Barnes and Noble to study up on sports-related things, with help from The Onion Book of Known Knowledge. I didn’t have time to learn every type of ball, so I started with the basics.

Schon 3

The Pep Rally before the game. A crowd of Cyclones making memories that could last a lifetime…but might not make it past the next morning.

Schon 4

A glamorous behind-the-scenes look at the Sprint Center. So exciting! The black curtains just exude “elegance”.

Schon 5

So, we lost. But sandwiching the loss in between the ingredients of this delicious burger made that much easier to swallow.

Schon 6

Cut to: Denver! On Wednesday we got to watch the team’s open practice. All of this sitting and watching other people play basketball was bringing back memories of my own high school basketball career, but I resisted the urge to jump on the court.

Schon 7

We went to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, where the signs telling you to keep off the rocks really read more like suggestions. I took the opportunity to go exploring for a new profile picture. Mission accomplished!

Schon 8

Always one to aggressively avoid showing my face in pictures, I felt compelled to use the snazzy Snapchat Geofilter after the game (which we won!), so I snapped a blurry picture of a sticker on the floor. What beautiful composition!

Schon 9

A few of us went to Voodoo Doughnuts, and I think still recovering. There were two of these fancy display cases with three doughnut-filled tiers, rotating hypnotically and luring me with their delicious, reasonably priced pastries. Someday, I’d like to live inside one of these.

Schon 10

Schon 11

Schon 12

We also visited the Broncos’ stadium, where we learned the Broncos are the world’s biggest trolls, and do just about everything possible to throw off the other team…they don’t let you forget that you’re at a high altitude.

I don’t have a picture for the second game in Denver, but the Cyclones won again and I ate a bacon hotdog — a win for all involved, I must say. So this is where I leave you: underwhelmed with my spring break adventures and craving a double serving of processed meat.

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