Nice things to do for your mom even when it’s not Mother’s Day (WHICH IS COMING UP ON MAY 8th FYI)

by Kelsey Granneman

Being a mom seems hard.  I don’t know from experience, but I have lived on my own for three years now and I have had to take care of myself and it’s hard.  My mom had to take care of me for 18 whole years!!!!  Now, I know what you’re probably thinking “your dad helped take care of you during that time too” which yes, he technically did, but also, did he really?  When I was in preschool my dad convinced me that you have to eat peas through your nose, so I tried it, it got stuck, and I had to go to the hospital to get it out.  So basically it was my mom taking care of two actual children and her husband who also once had me test the brakes on our go-kart when I was in high school while going down a large hill towards a fence.  They didn’t work.  I had to jump out of an out of control go-kart before I made impact with a metal fence.

Here are some nice things to do for your mom even when it’s not Mother’s Day (WHICH IS SUNDAY):
Granneman balloons 2

  1. Send your mom flowers on your birthday. Ever since I took a human sexuality class and we watched a video of a woman giving birth, I have a new appreciation of what my mother went through on my birthday so many years ago.  This year on my 21st birthday I sent her congratulatory flowers and balloons for giving birth to such a wonderful daughter.

  2. Send her a nice, handwritten card.  I would suggest only doing this if your mom isn’t a second grade teacher who teaches handwriting in her curriculum like mine does.  While my mom did enjoy the card I sent, she also called me and gave me “helpful corrections” on my handwriting.
  3. Provide a follow-up message after you have solved your latest life crisis.  Last month I called my mom and was convinced that my life was over because I thought someone stole my car keys along with my dignity.  They ended up being in my purse, dignity mostly intact, but I forgot to tell my mom that I found them.  She called me a few hours later and said that she tore apart my entire room at home looking for them because I forgot to tell her it was a false alarm.  But on the bright side, she found my favorite sunglasses that I lost a few years ago.

    Granneman balloons 1

  4. Don’t bring dirty laundry to do when you come home for the weekend.  I’m pretty convinced that 30% of the reason why mom cried when I officially moved out were tears of joy from not having to deal with my laundry anymore.

  5. Remember when her birthday is.  My mom’s birthday is on April 1st.  Seems pretty easy to remember, it’s on April Fool’s Day.  This year my brother accidentally texted the group message we have with my parents instead of just me and asked “Is it mom’s birthday today?”  This is the point that I also realized I won the award for favorite child that day because I sent a card and called her for her birthday.

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