Honors Summer Snapshots: Kelsey

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Kelsey Granneman started her summer off right and catalogued her Kansas City NASCAR trip for you:

I would like to start this blog by stating my brother and I graduated as valedictorians from high school.  We are intelligent people.  We just happen to enjoy sitting front row at NASCAR races.

Granneman 1

My brother bought me tickets for the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway for Christmas and conveniently, the race was right after finals week. So, I finished my finals and moved out of my apartment on Friday so my subleaser could move in that day and I was off to Kansas City (but not before I took a picture of me sad in my mostly empty room).

Granneman 2

I picked up my brother in Des Moines and we drove to Kansas City (but not before I forgot to take a picture of what I had to eat for lunch but it was just Hamburger Helper, so everyone knows what that looks like)!

Granneman 3

We got to Kansas Speedway just in time for the NASCAR Truck race that happened on Friday night. Our seats were front row as far into turn 1 as you can go. (Fun fact: the closer you sit to the track, the less expensive your tickets are because you can’t see the full track, but you have WAAAAYYYY more fun, and you can literally feel the rumble of the cars as they drive by going 190mph).

Granneman 4

After the race was over, there was a lot of traffic, so it took us like 45 minutes to drive 15 miles.

Granneman 5

Saturday was the day of the NASCAR Cup race which would also double as the greatest day of my life. Except the race was at night and we didn’t have anything to do during the afternoon since we were staying in basically the middle of nowhere outside of Kansas City so we stayed in and watched movies.

Granneman 6

We got Subway for lunch but once again, I forgot to take a picture, so I found one on the internet (mine didn’t look as good).

Granneman 7

We got the racetrack early to do things and buy things and because we were bored.

Granneman 8

We say Kasey Kahne (driver) walking around. He’s very short. The internet says he’s 5’9” but that’s a blatant lie. I’m 5’7” and he was much shorter than me.

Granneman 9

I then saw Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car. Not his actual car that he was driving that day, just his show car. I stood in line behind children to take this picture.

Granneman 10

My brother and I went shopping after this. Please note that I was wearing this outfit all day. My brother decided to buy a t-shirt that matched mine and then put on jeans that also matched mine. So we were sitting in the front row with matching outfits. Not my idea.

Granneman 11

For this race, our seats were front row right before the start/finish line. It was thrilling.

Granneman 12

Kyle Busch won the race, but my brother and I both like Ryan Blaney who drives for The Wood Brothers (the oldest and coolest team in NASCAR). He got 5th which was his best finish of the entire season, so basically I think our matching outfits are his good luck charms.

Granneman 13

The next day was Mother’s Day, so we drove back to Iowa and had lunch with our parents at Cracker Barrel (which I once again forgot to take a picture of).


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