Honors Summer Snapshots: Joi

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Joi Latson is waiting for you to visit her at Reiman Gardens:

Hello! I’ll be spending my summer as one of Reiman Garden’s Butterfly Gurus.  Well, technically my “official” title is Education Intern, but knowing a lot about butterflies is included in my list of duties.  All summer long you can catch me in Ames working on different programs, leading summer camps, giving tours, and spewing fun facts about nature at Reiman Gardens.

Latson 1

Flapping my arms like a butterfly at tiny children.

The internship program consists of nine interns in various specialties around the gardens.  I’m lucky to have another education intern with me to help out with all the different programs that need to be planned.  Also, since we work so closely, we’re forced to be friends with each other, which is nice because I always have a designated lunch buddy. Within our intern group we get to go on a few trips throughout the summer to different gardens and art facilities.  Our first trip was to the Iowa Arboretum and at the end of the summer we get to go to Chicago for a few days.

Latson 2

Here is me as an ant.

We have to rotate into three of the different intern specialties to get an understanding about everyone’s job at the gardens. I recently did the entomology rotation and decided that I never want to work directly with bugs ever again.

Latson 3

 This was taken right after we ripped the wings from dead frozen butterflies.

Latson 4

Since I work with children’s programs a lot, I get to pick out books to read at story time and different arts and crafts to work on. This book has been my favorite so far!

I forgot that real people actually lived in Ames over the summer and thought that it would be a ghost town, but luckily there are a few fun things going on. I went to see the new Star Wars movie on the football field! There was a bunch of children running around with light sabers and Darth Vader masks and it was 30 degrees, but it was definitely worth it to say that I was able to chill on the football field for a night.

Latson 5

 Just casually’ waiting for Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) to appear.

Latson 6

Who wouldn’t want to have this view at their job?


Reiman Gardens is free for ISU students so if you’re looking for something fun to do, stop by and visit!


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