Honors Summer Snapshots: Bethany

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Bethany Darr is living in Ames, working as Summer Conference staff member for the Department of Residence, and SHOULD be preparing for a career as a professional baker:

Darr 1

I tend to start my days the night before. Alarm set for 5:30am in the summer? #adulting

Darr 2

Only hit Snooze once, so I’m calling the start to this morning a success.

Darr 3

My music choice for getting ready for work: Regina Spektor. Yas.

Darr 4

Made a quick breakfast and packed a lunch before I set off for work as a ISU DoR Summer Conference Staff member.

Darr 5

My mode of transportation on this beautiful morning!

Darr 6

MWL is quiet for now, but silently buzzing with exCYtement to welcome our new Cyclones!

Darr 7

For my position, I help check guests in and out of our residence halls, stay overnight in the halls every once in a while as a CA does, and drive golf carts around campus. ;D

Darr 8

Lunch break! Dem greens tho.

Darr 9

Decided to take the long route back to Freddy after work to say hi to the horses!

Darr 10

Doing the last decorations on my homemade lemon cake for my sister’s birthday. And then I had to safely transport it to her home. #clickitorticket

Darr 11

Darr 12

Got back to Freddy wayyyyyy past my bedtime after partying hard (AKA eating strawberries, washing dishes, and listening to bad rap music).

One comment on “Honors Summer Snapshots: Bethany

  1. Kathy Betterton says:

    The cake is really cute. I take it it got there safely???

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