Honors Summer Snapshots: Melanie

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Melanie Stoss is making the most of her second summer in Ames with pH meters, touching everything in the ISU bookstore, and tennis intramurals:


Well, I get to spend 40 hours each week in this building. It is a nice change being on this side of campus instead of Gilman or Hach in the Chemistry Department (which, anyone that says Gilman is the most confusing building on campus is lying). This summer I am working on a research project involving biochar. It’s really neat stuff that could ultimately take carbon out of the air, help soil fertility, and produce fuel – if you get a chance to check it out; I bet we’ll be seeing the use of this product in the future.


This is one of the tedious jobs I get to do in the lab: labeling and weighing out samples for vials upon vials upon vials. Learning all of the lyrics to current songs is really coming in clutch during these down times.


I get to use this instrument nearly every day in the lab. pH is very important for soil and biochar. While some people may think that learning about “dirt” isn’t all that exciting, it’s a really complex system that is interesting to learn about!


Sometimes after a long day I like to just go to the campus bookstore and wander. There’s something about school spirit and seeing ISU gear everywhere that just makes me feel better. Or, if it has even been a rough morning I might spare a few minutes after eating in the food court to browse. The only problem is, then I want to buy things!


What is summer in Ames without spending a little time in Jischke?! I always pick the same computer…I’m very predictable. This picture was taken right after I was done studying for Physics 222 for the evening so I was ready to get back home!


Ahhh. Home at last. Freddy Court has been an awesome home for two summers now and I am so glad that I get to be in Ames in its prime – summer. Be sure to check out Ada Hayden and Saylorville Lake around this time too!


Intramurals still exist in the summer! Despite being over 90 degrees, people are always up for competition. It’s great to be so busy this summer but it needs to slow down so I can enjoy some of it!


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