Honors Summer Snapshots: Conor

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Conor Duffy maintains his sense of humor even while working in a cemetery:


At the start of each glorious day, I wake up around 6:00 AM, which I would not recommend. I quickly eat some kind of food (usually cereal because time), throw on some poorly-cut, handmade jorts, and joyfully begin my trip to work. At a graveyard.


Some days start more mundane than others. Today was, uh, morbid, as a cemetery sometimes is. A deer tried to jump our outer fence and maybe sort of impaled itself. Instead of posting that picture, the above is an image of a (not dead) deer I stole from the internet.


On the days I’m not uncomfortably calling animal control upon arriving at work, I usually start out by mowing. It’ll take two people two full work days to mow the whole thing. For the sake of not boring you, we’ll pretend I didn’t do that today.


Today, we’re doing something a bit more fun: digging up a grave. Sometimes nature gets the best of burials, and they cave in. The only way to go about fixing that is to knock it in further and full it up with dirt! This is a picture of Andrew removing some concrete protecting the coffin.


Now it’s good to go!


It gets hot. Oh well.


My boss thinks it’s a good idea to trust me with access to power tools. Hah. Right.


The Olathe Memorial Cemetery was founded in 1865. Because of the Kansas-Missouri involvement in the Civil War, we’ve got a decent number of Union and Confederate soldiers still buried here in their uniforms. It’s awkward because, like, they’d probably be upset about their being buried so close together. Oh well. They haven’t voiced any concerns yet. Here’s a picture of the oldest burial.


There’s a road here named “Memory Lane.” Sometimes I get nostalgic and literally take a walk down Memory Lane. Hilarious, right?


I get off work around 3:00, and after that I’ll go home and take a shower. I don’t do a whole lot after that, aside from maybe some chemistry homework and Royals-watching.


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