Honors Summer Snapshots: Megan

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Megan Slattery takes you behind the scenes of being a Cyclone Aide (it’s the 5th and final week of orientation – if you see Megan, give her a round of applause!):

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to serve Iowa State New Student Programs as a Cyclone Aide. During the month of June, I was one of 39 undergraduate students helping incoming freshmen at June orientation. These are just a few snapshots of my adventures throughout my journey!

Caption 1 (2)

A couple weeks after finals week, we moved into Maple residence hall to begin Intensive Training Week (ITW). During this time, we had presentations from campus resources, went on various tours of campus treasures, and created bulletin boards to be displayed in buildings during the month of June. My friend and I were responsible for one promoting the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which I created the “Farmer Cy” for. This might have made me reconsider switching to Agriculture or Design. (I am currently in the College of Human Sciences.)


Caption 1

One of my favorite things we did during ITW was helping with the Iowa Special Olympics. It was exciting to cheer on the athletes and get them pumped for their upcoming ceremony. As you can see, we like to have fun too!


Caption 2

This is a photo from the very first day of Orientation. I am showing off my watch because it was the third one I’d had; I had broken my first one during ITW, and the second one that morning! I had to purchase this watch at the campus bookstore, but it has lasted so far!


Caption 3

One of my favorite things about Orientation was the variety of shifts that we worked each week. From registration, to parking, to bus host, to Cy’s Sibs, and everything in between, I loved each different situation and the different people I’d meet with each shift.


Caption 3 (2)

Good morning! Here’s a parking pass.


Caption 3 (3)

On the hot summer days, it was very helpful to have my umbrella handy!


Caption 3 (4)

This is a photo I took on the Cy’s Sibs Scavenger Hunt. Can you see the albino squirrel in the tree?


Caption 3 (5)

I had the fun opportunity to help escort Cy to the Cy’s Sibs. Little known fact: Cy’s got mad bowling skills!


Caption 4

This is an artsy snapshot of some of the supplies I carried in my backpack. The Tide To-go pen was very handy, as well as the infamous pi-lighters!


Caption 5

I loved the days that the College of Human Sciences hosted Orientation. It was great to share my passion for the college with incoming students! (Cy was pretty excited to welcome students too!)

Of course, we did have weekends off! During this time, we took the opportunity to go on fun little trips around Ames. We visited Ledges State Park, the Kate Shelley High Bridge (if you don’t know who she is I recommend reading about her; she’s an Iowa heroine!), and checked out the Ames Farmer’s Market. It’s been an incredible adventure so far, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!

Caption 6 (2)

Caption 6 (3)

Caption 6


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