Honors Summer Snapshots: Alysun

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Alysun Bulver is living in Ankeny, interning with the Division of Criminal Investigation in Des Moines, and being a model citizen:

Rather than one day, I am giving you a snapshot of what one week as a Division of Criminal Investigation intern has been like. Every day is slightly different; some are incredibly busy and others are spent reading piles of paperwork.


I start every day off with at least one cup of coffee and some breakfast (sometimes it’s a granola bar on the way to work).


Before I head out the door I make sure to have this ID card around my neck. I head through multiple security doors on the way to our intern room, so this card is a must-have everyday (without it you have to knock and look like a lost puppy until someone lets you in).


My commute is not exactly the best, especially around 7:30am when everyone else that works in Des Moines is also on their way to work, but at least I have the witty Department of Public Safety signs to look forward to (disclaimer: my passenger took this picture for me!).


Named for the first member of the Iowa State Patrol to be killed in the line of duty, the Oran Pape Building is where I start every day of my internship with the Division of Criminal Investigation.


Every Monday we begin at noon and tour a different part of the Department of Public Safety. Our first Monday tour was to the Capitol in Des Moines where we were able to go behind the scenes. Here we are in the Iowa Supreme Court Chamber (shhh don’t tell anyone).


Every Tuesday and Wednesday we begin at 8:00am in our intern room where we review our case files. For the duration of our ten-week internship, we are reviewing the second largest case file in DCI history. The case was successfully solved, adjudicated, and the defendants were found guilty of murder. At the end of our internship we will create a documentary detailing how the assigned case agents came to the conclusions they ultimately did.


Every Thursday we begin at 8:00am and get the opportunity to hear various people throughout the Department of Public Safety speak about their department as well as some of the cases that they have worked on over the years.


We get every Friday off to enjoy a nice three day weekend or, for more of us, three days of work. Either way my days end with one of my two favorite things: Netflix or reading.


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