Honors Summer Snapshots: Sierra

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Sierra Lucht is having the best summer ever while interning in Des Moines with Principal Financial:

Hello! My name is Sierra Lucht, and I will be a junior in Computer Engineering this fall. This summer, I am an IT Intern at the Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, Iowa. My job mainly consists of programming, but really just learning new things.

Lucht 1

This is my desk. Principal is in the process of revamping their current spaces, and I was lucky enough to be placed in a newly renovated building! The whole place has a really modern feel, and it comes with newer functionalities such as standing desks, new meeting rooms with smart screens, and an open concept to embrace the agile mentality.

Lucht 2

After work, of course we have to check out Des Moines since we work downtown. I have been visiting many of the Des Moines attractions this summer, such as the Science Center, the Blank Park Zoo, and the Arts Festival. This photo is from the Science Center, with two of the other Principal IT Interns, Matt and Jett, who are also ISU Honors students!

Lucht 3

Being home for the summer means more people to bake for! I have enjoyed making lots of treats this summer, including cakes, cookies, brownies, and of course, fruit pizzas!

Lucht 4

Lucht 5 I was also able to visit Northern California for a time this summer. The terrain in Iowa is a little different than in California…

Lucht 6

While in Silicon Valley, I visited a few of the larger tech companies, such as LinkedIn and Google.

Lucht 7

Here I am with the Google Android Lawn Statues. They are each associated with a version of Google’s Android operating system. This one is named after the Android version 2.3, Gingerbread!

Lucht 8

I was also able to stop in at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (a great place to visit!) as well as the ocean on the California coast. A word of advice- do not try to swim in Northern California- the water was very cold!

Lucht 9

Overall, it is just nice to be home with family, friends, and this weird cat. Summer has been a nice break, and I have really enjoyed my internship, traveling, and just chilling out thus far.


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