Honors Summer Snapshots: Logan

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Logan Heitz has immersed himself in developing an app at his internship, which is exactly what he likes to do:

My name is Logan Heitz and I am a junior studying Software Engineering. This summer, I am a software engineering intern at NISC in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (which also happens to be where I’m from). I work on their iOS AppSuite team helping to develop the application that their member-owners use.

Heitz 1

This is the application I am working on this summer. NISC is a cooperative whose member-owners are primarily utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies. The app I’m working on allows the workers of these companies to access important information and accomplish a variety of different tasks all from a single application.

Heitz 2

This is my desk where I get most of my work done.

Heitz 3

I spent a lot of time learning to code in Objective-C and how to create iOS applications. To do this we were given a project to make a music app that allowed the user to search for songs from iTunes and then display information about those songs.

Heitz 4

It’s a lot easier to read a textbook when you are getting paid to do it.

Heitz 5

Now that our orientation project is finished, I work on implementing different features and bug fixes to the main iOS application that the company’s member-owners use.

Heitz 6

I work right down the street from my old high school.

Heitz 7

After work, I enjoy hanging out with friends from high school, playing some disc golf, or simply spending time with my family at home.


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