Honors Summer Snapshots: Brett

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Brett Poulsen is living every Wisconsinite’s dream of all-access to Lambeau Field:

Hi! My name is Brett Poulsen, it will be my second year in the construction engineering program this fall, and this is a typical day in the life of me.


Over the summer, I have been interning at Miron Construction Co., Inc. as a project manager intern where I’m paired with a project manager. I spend my time in a project trailer outside of Lambeau Field, which is super special for me because I’m a huge Packer fan.


7 o’clock, I check in to work. There’s usually the never ending stack of paperwork that I do in the morning. I mentally wake up around 8:00 so this is a nice task for a non-morning person to do.


Being right outside Lambeau, I once in a while get to walk with the project managers that are doing work there and get a behind-the-scenes look at a lot of things. Here’s me with two of the Lombardi Trophies the Packers have won!


At least once a week, sometimes thrice, my project manager mentor and I visit the job sites we are working on. We are building a casino in northern Wisconsin, but the main project we work on is a middle school we are renovating. I’ve seen almost the entirety of this project and I’ve met a lot of people and have learned a lot from it.


Here’s a construction meeting that happens every week…


…and here’s the inside of the building: a before/current picture of the boy’s locker room.


Once in a while I get to visit Miron’s corporate headquarters right near my hometown in Neenah, WI. It’s a really neat building and here’s a picture of it. After I get home, I start work on my online physics class.


In my free time, I hang out with my brother and friends in the area. I’m also really into photography. Check out my page on Instagram! @brett.ofcourse


I’ve really enjoyed my summer and working for this great company, but I am excited to return to Iowa State!


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