Honors Summer Snapshots: Sarah

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Sarah Bennett is spending the summer in Ames, and wants to share her views from Pokestops:

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Bennett; I study Animal Science, and this fall I will be a junior.  This summer I’ve been working at the Iowa State Poultry Research and Teaching Farm and also in a lab in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering!  Though Ames is pretty quiet in the summer it can be a great time to explore!

Bennett 1

My days start out at the farm which gives me great views like this! There I help take care of the chickens used for research projects and other farm chores.

Bennett 2

In the afternoons I work in a lab on campus. This summer I have been working on a database but we also make fish feed for researchers across the country. There are also three interns from a university in France working on gluten free pasta projects. Here’s a picture of the four of us at their first baseball game!

Bennett 3

Since Pokemon Go came out, campus has been a little busier. I don’t play but my boyfriend and best friend both do so when they went on a Pokemon date I was invited to tag along. While they chase Pidgeys and Slowpokes I take it as a chance to explore campus, especially since most of the artwork doubles as a Pokestop.

Bennett 4

I found some art work in the Food Science building entrance next to a giant soybean!

Bennett 5

The construction around Marston Hall is (finally) over so we explored under the water tower.

Bennett 6

As a lover of quotes one of the best parts of the adventure has been reading the quotes that often accompany the artwork around campus. This sundial in front of Forker has one of my favorites from campus, as does the mural in the Lago courtyard.

Bennett 7

This summer I have taken so many pictures of central campus and Iowa sunsets but every time they’re just as beautiful as the last.


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