Honors Summer Snapshot: C.J.

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. It’s safe to say C.J. Konopka has earned a nap after his summer as a camp counselor:

Hello everyone,
My name is C.J. and I’m a Software Engineering major entering into my junior year. However, this is probably the first time I’ve used my computer for something productive all summer (I don’t think playing Overwatch counts). This is because I decided to return to my job as a summer camp counselor. This year a strict no picture/snapchat rule was put in place. But like an intrepid photographer entering North Korea, I made it my mission to show all of you what life is truly like in Camp Alotta Fun.

Konopka 1

We went to Brookfield Zoo for one of our big field trips. You may be asking “CJ, why is this a picture of a playground and not of animals?”. Well curious reader, that is because I had a child decide to sit in the middle of a busy walkway and proclaim that he would not move until his mom came to pick him up. We were an hour away from camp. Luckily, this playground was nearby to occupy my other campers until my boss came over.

Konopka 2

Field trips take a lot of work! One of the best parts of field trips is the relative peace of the bus ride home. My coworker was quick to post this meme to our counselor group chat when I decided to get some much needed rest.

Konopka 3

Not everyone enjoys a running game like sharks and minnows. When you’re out you’re supposed to act like seaweed and tag people from a seated position. This girl decided to be more of a dead starfish. With 60 children in one group it’s hard to please everyone.

Konopka 4

Some of these children are pretty athletic. This girl seems to be ready for State Gym’s climbing wall at only eight years old! I wonder if my baley training carries over to there.

Konopka 5

A favorite pastime of the girls is doing a female counselor’s hair. I decided to let them do mine one day; let’s just say there were mixed results. P.S. sweating from a day outside makes for great hair gel.

Konopka 6

Nothing stirs up competition like a boys vs girls dance battle! The girls tend to get everyone dancing but seeing a few of the eight-year-old boys pop-n-lock and do the worm is hard to beat.

Konopka 7

On weekends, we counselors like to plan our own “field trips.” This one was a closed game of paintball. Running around cover and trees shooting at my coworkers was a blast. I can’t think of a better way to end the week.

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