Honors Summer Snapshots: Natalie

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2016 summer routines via photos. Natalie has been working inside a lab all summer, but has spent basically every other second outside enjoying Ames, Minnesota, and Colorado:

Pic 1 Work

So, this summer I’ve been working full time at the USDA National Animal Disease Lab here in Ames! I work as a Biological Science Aid in the Virus and Prion Unit. I wake up at 7:00 every morning to be at work by 8:00 where I do a lot of protein purification. The government frowns upon taking pictures in the lab, so I’m going to talk about some of the other fun stuff I’ve done this summer!

Pic 2 Minnesota

I spent the week of the 4th of July up at our family’s cabin in northern Minnesota. It was great to get away from work and spend time with all of our family and friends that have cabins up there! Some of our activities included kayaking, water badminton, racing RC boats, biking, 4th of July games, movie and board game nights, and a glimpse at the Northern Lights! On my way home from the lake I stopped in Minneapolis for my soon to be sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. We went downtown to eat dinner, and then saw The Lion King.

Pic 3 Minnesota

Pic 4 Minnesota

Pic 5 Colorado

My family and I went backpacking in Colorado in mid-July. As I carried my 40lb backpack up the mountain I was reminded of my first day of college, when I hauled all of my textbooks to my classes because I was a freshman and I didn’t know any better. It was a tough hike, but once we got to the top every breathless step was worth it!

Pic 6 Colorado

Pic 7 Colorado

Pic 8 Frolf

Although I wish I could have spent my whole summer hiking in Colorado or lying on the dock, the majority of it was spent working in a lab with no windows. Luckily I get off of work at 4:30, so I still have some time to do fun things like frolf (disc golfing), roller blade around town, or play some sand volleyball with friends.

Pic 9 Rollerblading


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