First Days as a Cyclone (2016)

We asked First-Year Honors Program students to tell us a little about their first official week as Iowa State students…here’s what they said! Here’s what they said in 2015, 2014 and 2013, too.


I’m having a great time on campus! I miss my family, but the independence is great. Learning how to be on my own is a little hard, like trying to decide what food I want to buy and what meals I want to eat every day. I also am learning how to pace myself and divide time between homework, the gym, and socializing. I love spending time in the Gerdin Business Building and Jischke Honors Building because the environments are so calming and the modernity of the buildings just clicks with me. I’m going to the Honors Salon with my suitemates tonight and I’m so excited! I’m not studying mechanical engineering, but who wouldn’t want to learn about the science behind blood splatter? All in all, college is definitely not as overwhelming as I thought it would be and I’m glad I’m a Cyclone!

Emily Hammer, L2, Pre-Business



The face you make when you realize you’re not the only girl in AeroE 🚀 Priscilla Joel, H1, Aerospace Engineering


I was able to rent out an HTC VIVE (VR headset) the very first week!

Austin Garcia, F1, Software Engineering



We are loving college life! The adjustment period is tough, but there are friendly people all around to keep your spirits up 🙂 Katie Shepherd, D2, Pre-Dietetics


My first week was AWESOME! I’ll be honest, in high school I was not a fan of school. At Iowa State, my classes are intriguing because they are taught at a higher level of thinking and also pertain to topics that interest me. My honors seminar about National Parks is a class full of discussion, which is a nice change of pace from the usual heavy load of homework that traditional classes can have. I’ve met a lot of new people in my HON 121 class, and I love hanging out in the Jischke Honors Building. College rocks!

Peter Bancks, F2, Computer Engineering


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