Top 5 Ice Cream Places for Iowa State Students

by Allye Bodholdt

Who doesn’t love a little ice cream every now and then? Whether it’s your excuse for a study break, the perfect snack on a hot summer day, or a little something to satisfy your taste buds during the big game, knowing where to find the best ice cream is key. Having grown up in Ames with two years of living on campus under my belt, I’ve had plenty experience with the ice cream options around town. Here are my top five suggestions!


  1. Hilton Coliseum: you can’t beat a clone cone, and you can’t get one just anywhere! A clone cone at Hilton Coliseum during a big game is definitely a must!

  1. Dairy Queen: a straight shot from campus down Lincoln Way, Dairy Queen is an ice cream staple. Whether you want a blizzard, an ice cream cake, or a sundae, Dairy Queen has it all.


  1. Cold Stone: when in the mood for hard ice cream, Cold Stone is the place to go. It’s not too far from campus, and offers several unique flavors!


  1. ISU Dining: if you have a meal plan and eat in the dining centers on campus, there’s soft-serve ice cream available at the tip of your fingers every meal! Twist is my favorite flavor, but vanilla and chocolate are available as well, and toppings too!


  1. C-Stores: the c-stores around campus also provide numerous ice cream options. I personally enjoy the F’Real milkshakes and the ice cream bars! They are the perfect excuse for a study break!

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