Honors Ambassadors on: ISU Rec Services

Honors Ambassadors have lots of experience with ISU’s Recreation Services program, which has one of the largest and best intramural sports programs in the nation. Honors students participate in Outdoor Rec trips and fitness classes and are Intramural Champs of all kinds. Find out more here: http://www.recservices.iastate.edu/

Kaitlin Peterson, junior in English Educationkaitlin
Hi! One way that I like to stay in shape is to go to fitness classes that are offered at State Gym and at Lied. There are a ton of classes for cycling, yoga, and kickboxing. My all-time favorite is Sunrise Yoga at State Gym. It is a wonderful way to start the morning. The sun shines in through the windows as the class starts which makes for a beautiful sunrise that the class gets to watch as we do our morning yoga. Don’t be worried if you aren’t flexible because I definitely am not! A lot of the poses are meant to strengthen the core and help us to relax. It is a peaceful way to start out the day, especially this past week with all these midterms! The class I like starts at 7, but there are a lot of other yoga classes that are spread throughout the day if you aren’t a morning person. If yoga isn’t your thing, then there a large variety of classes such as different varieties of cycling, cardio dance classes, and all sorts of things! Grab a friend and check them out!


allieAllie Volk, junior in Biology
As a freshman, arguably one of my best discoveries was a hip hop dance group fitness class through Rec Services. Being a student who was very active in high school with sports, adjusting to a college lifestyle where my schedule was dominated by classes and coursework led to me leading a drastically more inactive lifestyle. Also, because sports kept me active in high school, I was very intimidated by the idea of going to the gym to workout. Hip hop dance class offered me a low-pressure, fun way to fit physical activity into my schedule. The instructor makes it easy to follow along, the music choices are always great, and it’s not at all dependent on your ability to dance. Having a scheduled time to exercise also helped keep me honest and reliable about going. And if dancing isn’t your ideal method of staying active, Rec Services offers a wide range of classes from spin to kickboxing, so it’s really easy to find one that works for you.


Traer Schon, senior in Journalism and Mass Communication
Didn’t get recruited my Steve Prohm, Matt Campbell, or Christy Johnson-Lynch? Well don’t worry, intramural sports offer plenty of chances to relive your high school sports glory days. I’ve had the chance to be in a couple different intramural leagues , and they were a lot of fun and very easy to do. Definitely check them out—but if you beat me out of a T-shirt I will not be happy.


Catie Meis, senior in Materials Engineeringcatie-2
If are looking for a little adventure (or if you wish you were more adventurous), check out the Outdoor Rec Program’s extended trips! They are usually offered over Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and at the beginning and end of summer. There is wide variety of trips, with various activities and traveling to locations across the US. My sister and I went backpacking for a week in northern Georgia over spring break last year with a group of 10 ISU students and a couple outdoor recreation staff and we had an absolute blast! We made new friends, enjoyed time outdoors, learned some new skills, got in some solid exercise, and best of all – left our phones and schoolwork behind for a week. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a break week. If backpacking isn’t your thing, there are lots of other trips – I’ve seen kayaking, canoeing, rafting, caving, climbing, mountain biking, and even surfing trips advertised in the past. If you can’t convince a friend, don’t worry – you’ll make them along the way. You generally don’t need prior outdoors experience to participate either – just bring a great attitude. Also, these trips are SUPER inexpensive for what they are – Outdoor Rec does all the trip planning and provides food, transportation, and equipment. All you need to do is bring clothes and personal items typically. Excited yet? Check it out! http://www.recservices.iastate.edu/outdoors/ Last tip – check the registration dates and show up bright and early when the outdoor rec office opens that day – the trips fill up fast!


melanieMelanie Stoss, junior in Chemistry
I encourage everyone to get involved in the intramurals at Iowa State because there is such a wide variety of activities to choose from. I haven’t done as many as I would have liked to, but from the few I have done (racquetball, disc golf, NCAA tournament bracket, and tennis), I had a BLAST and even won a couple of intramural champ t-shirts! Some events require a partner or a team but others you can do on your own. Some are not based on athletic ability whatsoever, so don’t let that hold you back because it is meant to be fun anyway (be on the lookout, Battleship H20 is coming up in November and is in my opinion the best intramural offered here!). If competition isn’t your thing, recreation services also offers group fitness classes for the beginner exerciser and for the avid lifter and runner. From yoga to Zumba to strength or water training, the hour-long classes are a small commitment where you can meet awesome people if you make it part of your weekly routine.


img_0836Morgan Hassebroek, senior in Kinesiology and Health
Intramurals are a great way to stay in shape and meet new people! Because there are so many options and levels of difficulty, anyone can join and possibly end up a champion! The champion T-shirts are awesome and are a coveted item here on campus. I haven’t gotten one yet but I plan to before I graduate!

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