Bored? Not Anymore

by Charlie Labuzzetta

We’ve all said it… “There is nothing to do in Ames!” While some weekends may seem devoid of activity, with a little effort, creativity, and willingness to try something new, Ames can become a hoppin’ place. I’m glad this is an Honors student blog, however, because my idea of a good time might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

First of all, there is a reason we have swing dancing at the Honors retreat every year. It’s AWESOME! Cyclone Swing Society frequently hosts dances at the Memorial Union, sometimes with live music. There are frequently other Honors students at these dances and lots of other cool people to meet. If you have a car, go to Lake Robbins (, an authentic ballroom in Woodward that has dances, bands, and a fair number of college students that attend each weekend.

I tend to find out about these and other events using the university events calendar ( and the Ames event calendar ( Events of all sorts can be found. There was a Bonsai tree show at Reiman gardens a few weeks ago and the Midwest Quidditch Championships were here this weekend.

Another great source of events is the music department ( The Band Extravaganza Concert was this weekend, which is my favorite concert to go to each year. Besides getting to hear the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble I, all 300+ students of the marching band play a review of their half-time show music on stage at C. Y. Stephens. If you haven’t seen anything at Stephens Auditorium, go ASAP!

If you can’t get enough of attending events at C. Y. Stephens, consider liking the Stephens Auditorium Facebook page to keep an eye out for student rush tickets. I recently saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra there and I had to pick my jaw off the ground when I left. If you didn’t know, there is an Honors seminar next semester, “Sampling World Music – LIVE” where you can attend musical venues at Stephens Auditorium for credit!

Finally, a shameless plug. As a member of the Honors Student Board, I want more people to come to the events that we host! This week we have FredH on Tuesday from 6 – 8 and a study abroad info session on Wednesday from 5:15 – 6:15. Look out for emails about other events and come celebrate Honors Week with us in the Spring.

If you haven’t been inspired yet, here is a word cloud of lots of things to do and see in and around Ames before you graduate!



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