Campus Cafes, Ranked

by Lauren Suhi

It’s Dead Week. You feel sluggish, you’re pulling those all nighters, and are questioning why an 8-page paper is due Dead Week (even though you knew about it since week 4). However, there is hope. Our campus comes equipped with so many wonderful resources to help students with stress, learn good study habits and to be healthy. However, I find that the most useful thing ISU has for me is the 11 cafes located strategically around our cold, beautiful campus. This means caffeine: the powerful fuel to push you through that late night study panic. Here’s an overview of my top cafés on campus:

Harvest Café


Located in Sukup, it’s the closest café on the engineering side of campus. It generally has short lines besides peak lunch hours.




Bookends Café


Bookends saves lives in the library. Its open late and is located just inside the library’s doors. They’re always efficient at getting you coffee, no matter the line.




Caribou Coffee/Hub


Caribou is amazing because it offers a ton of super sweet drinks and lattés while allowing you to use your Dinning Dollars to purchase them. For those trivia fans, there’s a daily trivia fact that if you get it correct, your drink price is lowered by 10¢. And if you want to eat food too, the Hub has many daily hot food offered during lunch.



Courtyard Café


The Courtyard Café is inside the west side of Lagomarcino and it is the cutest café on campus. There’s comfortable couches to study on, relaxing music and it faces the Lago Courtyard which will be beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow while you’re sipping on your hot turtle mocha. You can even order soups, hot entrees and made-to-order sandwiches.


Global Café


Located in Harl Commons in Curtiss Hall, the Global Café offers some global coffee options from Honduras and Uganda. It’s simple and just offers self-serve coffee for the people on a run




MU Market & Café


Across from the Bookstore, this café has short lines and has a c-store layout so you can grab some snacks on your way from Lincoln Way to campus. They also offer smoothies!



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