Erin’s Guide to Owning a Car in the Winter

by Erin Wagnerwagner

Being an adult is rough sometimes.  I mean, it always seems like someone needs to be paid or there is something that needs to be fixed.  This is especially true with things that we buy like cars (and eventually houses).  Before this year, I didn’t go home much…mostly because a 4 hour drive for only about 24 hours at home seemed like a waste of gas and secondly because I hadn’t been able to save up enough money to buy a car.  But after last summer when I was at an internship in Cedar Rapids, I used the money I made plus a loan from the parents to buy a nice little 1999 Nissan Altima.

Now I realize that the enormous benefits of said car are tarnished by the things I have to do to be able to use it in different seasons. So as winter is now upon us I bring to you the top 5 things I think are important in winterizing a car:

  1. Make sure that the car is maintained.  Who wants to break down and get stuck on the side of a cold, snowy road? Which brings me to…
  2. Have warm clothes in your vehicle in case you actually do break down.
  1. Have an ice scraper handy (I admit, I still haven’t done this).
  2. If your car is old…like mine…it might be a good idea to have motor oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze handy in case a leak springs or otherwise uses said fluid quickly.
  3. Have good tires so that driving in the snow is a breeze and you’re not stuck on the side of the road (possibly wishing you had more of #2 above).

While to most people this may be obvious, a nice reminder is always a good thing especially when your brain is slightly fried from that finals studying.  Plus if you ever feel like you might be forgetting something in your winter car care, Pinterest has probably got you covered with lists of things to keep your car running strong in these cold winter months.  Hope you enjoyed the tips and good luck on finals everyone!!!

Merry Christmas! Cheers!


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