In Praise of Larry Genalo (and a Top Ten List)


Honors Faculty Director Dr. Susan Yager, University Professor and Associate Chair of Materials Science and Engineering Dr. Larry Genalo, Honors Administrative Director Laurie Smith-Law

Join us in congratulating one of the best Friends of Honors: Dr. Larry Genalo! Larry is retiring from Iowa State and the Materials Science and Engineering Department after the 2016-17 school year, and he will be sorely missed. Larry has been teaching Honors students in one capacity or another (Engineering 160, Honors 302, Honors seminars, mentoring Honors research students, countless Toying with Technology and Material Advantage demonstrations) for 35 years, and just finished his last semester of co-leading Honors 302.

One of the last things students do in Honors 302 is create a Top Ten List, and Larry allowed us to share the one he created for class last week. When he began working with Honors students in 1981 Larry expected them to be interesting, but he was pleasantly surprised to find them also to be:

1) Intelligent

2) Capable

3) Responsible

4) Thoughtful

5) Caring

6) Open

7) Honest

8) Self aware

9) Globally aware

10) Fun

Obviously, these could all describe Dr. Larry Genalo as well, and we are lucky to have had him as a faculty partner for so long. If you see Larry, congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement and thank him for all of his service to Honors students, faculty, and staff!


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