Emma’s Jischke Top 5

by Emma Runquist

When I first visited the Honors program over 4 years ago, I remember learning about the program, my interactions with the students and wondering how students could even pronounce Jischke, let alone spell it. Little did I know, I would come to love and even be able to spell Jischke! So, to pay tribute to this building, I have compiled a list of my favorite features of Jischke in no particular order

  1. The sunlight! The lounge, which makes up at least 30% of the bottom floor, is filled with windows. It makes the comfortable chairs warm and if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine you’re not inside and working on your 15th assignment for the week.runquist-3
  1. The chairs. As I mentioned before, the chairs are super comfortable, but not so comfortable that you can easily fall asleep in them like their more comfortable cousins in the Memorial Union. Additionally, there are more outlets that normal surrounding the chairs so charging your computer/phone/tablet is never a problem.runquist-2
  1. The kitchenette. The kitchenette is awesome for several reasons. My favorite includes the super fancy microwave I have yet to master. I can’t count the number of lunches and coffees I have warmed up in there. I’ve never had to wait or felt awkward while microwaving things, unlike many other public microwaves, (I’m looking at you, microwave in Bessey Hall.) My second favorite, and far less common is the random appearance of free food on the tables. Lastly, it has a water kettle, no need to buy the campus tea anymore!img_5995
  1. The environment. The lobby and classrooms are a place where I can work on homework assignments without getting distracted while simultaneously being a great place to chat. This type of supportive and welcoming environment puts the icing on the honors cake for me.img_5962
  1. The bathrooms and water fountain. Yes, these seem like trivial things, but after being on campus for nearly 4 years, these DO matter. I always carry my water bottle around with me and finding a place to fill it up all the way without spilling on myself, is a big deal. The water bottle filler attached to the water fountain is the perfect place for filling my oversized bottle. My water intake leads me to my next point, the bathrooms. I love the nearly always empty, always clean bathrooms and the nice lotion, at least in the women’s, makes me feel fancy.img_6555

Hopefully you can relate to some of these perks, if not, come in Jischke on your next break on campus and see what everyone’s raving about.


One comment on “Emma’s Jischke Top 5

  1. Mark Law says:

    Ask some of the alums about the bathrooms in old Osborne Cottage. Not something I’d have on a top five, but memorable!

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