How to pack for spring break 2k17!

by Lauren Suhi

Spring break is fast approaching, and for many of us, that equates to finding the quickest plane ticket out of the dreary weather of the Midwest for a day or two! Or next week is simply a time to stay at home and avoid all homework and projects for a week.

But, if you do go to a fun, destination location—lucky you—here’s some quick tips to help you pack the more efficiently:

suhi1. How much baggage do you have? Are you flying? Then decide if you’d like a carry-on luggage or to check your bag. If you’re planning on taking things you can’t carry on to a plane, then checking your bag is the best option. Plus, if you have multiple layovers, then there is no hassle to lug around your bag. But if you want to skip the hassle of baggage claim, stick to it! Just remember it has to fit in that overhead compartment.

2. How many clothes do you really need? In many instances, you only really need one outfit per day. Odds are that you really only need about 5-6 shirts and 4-5 pairs of pants for a whole week. Try to bring items that you can reuse easily multiple days. If they get dirty? You can always wash clothes in the sink of the hotel room or other places if needed. Plus, if you’re going somewhere warm, it’ll dry super quickly!suhi-2

3. A day in their shoes? I always over pack shoes when I travel. A good rule of thumb is to really decide what footwear is ideal for your activities. For example, this spring break I’m planning on walking and hiking a lot, but also spending time at the beach, so I only need my Chaco’s and gym shoes. Cutting down on shoes is one of the easiest way to lighten your luggage and get more space out of your bag!suhi-3

4. Stop drop and roll! Once you have an idea on what you want to bring on the trip, try to pack outfits and roll them together. Make sure to fill all empty spaces. Fill shoes with socks and underwear to fill any space that would be generally wasted. Here’s some expert packing advice on how to fold things so they don’t wrinkle while maximizing space:

If you need any more advice there’s plenty of packing lists and tips online! I know that I’m for sure looking forward to getting away from the wind and cold of Ames to sunny, beautiful Costa Rica. Have an excellent, safe and relaxing break, everyone!



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