What is Kaleidoquiz (KQ)?

by Charlie Labuzzetta

This past weekend, from 4pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday, campus and Ames were overrun by Pikachu-onesie clad Walmart patrons, Thift Shop Parody grocery shoppers, and other shenanigans. It was the 50th year of Kaleidoquiz!

According to KURE 88.5, ISU’s student radio organization, “Kaleidoquiz is a 26-hour radio contest. While the teams are answering the normal trivia questions every 6 minutes through-out the night, they are also scrabbling to finish scavenger hunts, trying to recognize a song or movie in the Montages, or performing some odd task that we set before them.”

Anders House, this year’s KQ winners

Each year Honors students, especially those belonging to Honors houses, invest a large portion of their weekend and lose a night of sleep for the glory of winning KQ. This year the Honors houses Harwood and Anders were two of the top competitors. Here is a list of some of the craziest moments from the 50th KQ:

  • Making a parody of “Thrift Shop” in a grocery store (check out Harwood’s winning submission here, and DJ Puhl’s remastered version here)
  • Removing the greatest number of clothes for the Curtiss to Beardshear run
  • Finding someone in an animal onesie who is “surrounded by walls” (aka in Walmart)
  • Traveling to Minneapolis to retrieve signed restaurant napkins in the Mall of America
  • Trading two paper clips for the wackiest things possible on Welch Ave
  • Writing a creepy love letter with words cut out of magazines
  • Calling random people with the initials K.Q. and asking if they’d come to Black Engineering as part of a scavenger hunt

It really was a blast! If you want to see any of the goofy pictures or videos taken during the event, be sure to check out the Kaleidoquiz Facebook page.


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