When in doubt, Reddit

by C.J. Konopka

Hey Honors!

  • Does your easiest class require attendance?
  • Do you ever feel like there are too many internet inside jokes to keep track off?
  • Do you wanna talk about fan theories of your favorite TV show that none of your friends watch?
  • Do you like watching cute animal gifs instead of doing homework?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, or all them like me, I’m here to suggest Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news/discussion/meme site that is kind of hard to classify. In its own words, Reddit is “the front page of the internet.” The site is a collection of forums called subreddits, or subs, where users post text/videos/gifs/links about a particular topic and other users can vote and comment on what is posted. Subreddits are incredibly diverse, from r/IAMA (ask me anything) where celebrities answer fan questions to r/finishing which is all about wood flooring. While you can browse Reddit without logging in, creating an account lets you vote on, comment on and even create posts. Most importantly, it lets you store a set of your own subreddits to view on your frontpage.

Your collection of subreddits includes a collection of popular communities such as r/funny and r/politics. As you explore the website you can add more subreddits to your collection. Here are some subreddits beyond the default that i think everyone should be subscribed to.

Most Have Subreddits

1) r/youtubehaiku
Youtube Haiku provides you with clips of the latest noteworthy or meme-worthy videos youtube has to offer. Posts are either tagged haiku which are clips of 10 seconds or less, or poetry which are clips of 30 seconds or less. This sub is a good way to stay up on the fads of the internet and always great for a quick laugh. The worse part about this sub is the smug reaction you’ll have when you see the same clips on facebook a few days later.

2) r/bestof
Oddly, this one isn’t on the list of default subs. Bestof provides links to posts people deem to be the best of Reddit. This sub is great for quality insight on other subreddits you don’t frequent.  A lot of the links are to comments which normally would get glossed over if your were searching r/all (the top of the website in general).

3) r/BetterEveryLoop
BetterEveryLoop is a collection of gifs that, as the name suggests, get better every loop. In these gifs, the background is usually funnier than the subject or you notice extra things each time. Here are some examples to give you a taste of the sub.

4) r/OutOfTheLoop
The internet is a very broad and ever changing place. If you ever find yourself confused about a running joke or topic, r/OutOfTheLoop has your back. For example, you may be wondering why you keep seeing pictures of Steve Harvey. A quick question on r/OutOfTheLoop will reveal that this is a joke referencing the Miss Universe screw up last year because the Oscars announced the wrong best picture winner.

Just his face has almost 20,000 Upvotes!

5) r/babyelephantgifs
This wholesome niche sub will provide you with two to three adorable gifs of baby elephants doing their thing per day. This simple but heartwarming community makes a great addition to your daily feed.



Honorable mentions:
These two subs are entirely of memes and are not for everyone. However they are very popular and definitely help make Reddit an entertaining site:

6) r/me_irl
The sub where memes are born, and die shortly after. This subs humor is self-deprecating and random. However, if you stick with it you get some hilarious moments such as a meme war between skeletons and crusaders which was won by Bionicles. If you like more grounded  “me in real life moments” check out r/meirl (no underscore).

7) r/PrequelMemes
Prequel here refers to the Star Wars prequel movies. This sub is only about a month old and rising quickly into a place in mainstream Reddit. This sub is great for those who grew up watching the Star Wars movies and still love them but also love making fun of them.

Happy internet surfing, Honors!


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