Honors Summer Snapshots: Sierra

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2017 summer routines via photos. Sierra Lucht (senior in Computer Engineering) spent a lot of time on I-80 getting to her internship:

This summer, I was fortunate to obtain an internship working out in Silicon Valley, California. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and about 28 hours of driving from Ames. So, my boyfriend and I packed up my car, said goodbye to our friends and family, and hopped on I-80. We traveled through six states, visited two college campuses, and had a great time taking in the changing landscapes as we drove across the country.

Day 1: Ames, Iowa to Laramie, Wyoming, 10 hours

We started bright and early the first morning on the long drive over the ever so exciting Nebraska. By late afternoon (thanks to the time change) we had made it to Laramie, home of the University of Wyoming Cowboys. Lucky for us, my brother attends the University, so we were able to get a free tour around town, checking out the campus, the parks, the downtown, and the wildlife (jackrabbits and antelope!).

Day 2: Laramie, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah, 6 hours

The second day, we had a much shorter drive to Salt Lake, where we stopped to see our friend, who attends the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Again, we were lucky to have someone to show us around the town. We were able to dip our feet in the Great Salt Lake, check out the campus, the capital, and climb Ensign Peak to check out the city at night.

Day 3: Salt Lake City, Utah to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 8 hours

On the third day, we traveled from one lake to the next. After the mountainous drive across Utah and the land of casinos, Nevada, we ended the day right on the state line between Nevada and California. Lake Tahoe was beautiful, and there were many things to do there. We were able to hike up another peak to a waterfall, and look out over the sparkling lake below.

Day 4: Lake Tahoe, Nevada to Sunnyvale, California, 4 hours Our final day of driving was quite short, as we needed to arrive in Sunnyvale with enough time to unpack and move into our apartment. Overall, the driving through California was filled with lots of traffic and winding roads. Now we are settled in Sunnyvale, and are appreciating the new environment and weather. It is always sunny here, and the temperatures are very moderate.

Overall, if any of you are driving across the country for work or pleasure, I would definitely recommend splitting your trip into shorter driving days to allow for stops and exploration along the way. Though it may take a little longer to arrive at your destination, the people and places you’ll see will be worth it.


One comment on “Honors Summer Snapshots: Sierra

  1. Yvonne Goecke says:

    Looks wonderful Sierra . Thanks for sharing the photos .Good luck on your internship

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