Honors Summer Snapshots: Brandon

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2017 summer routines via photos. Brandon Renze is working a few jobs on campus and absolutely REVELING in all of the construction during the summer:

Hi summer Honors! My name is Brandon Renze and I will be a Sophomore in Aerospace Engineering this fall. This summer I am working 2 jobs on ISU campus as both an IT assistant for the Math Department and as a research assistant in the Aerospace Engineering Department. My weeks are usually pretty long because on top of work I am taking classes online, but I am still finding time to enjoy my summer. I have a few trips planned, and have enjoyed having a bit of free time during the weekends. These are a few pictures from over the course of one week.

These are the labs that I have spent a large part of my summer in. My main job is making carbon fiber specimens for the researcher that the Honors Mentor Program paired me with. The research is in thermography and its uses in non-destructive evaluation (NDE), specifically in the area of Vibrothermography. Basically, Vibrothermography is where you shake something and cracks or defects inside that something create friction and heat, which can then be detected. This process can be used to evaluate the structural integrity of composite materials, which would otherwise be difficult to see.

A great part of summer ISU is getting to see friends and faculty who are also spending their summers on campus. Most days I have lunch with other friends who are working on campus or living in Ames for the summer. I took this horrible picture outside the hub right before work.

These are a few views from near beautiful Madrid IA! There isn’t much to see in terms of terrain, but Iowa still offers some great skies.

A very important part of summer ISU is construction. Many people don’t know this, but ISU’s entire campus is completely rebuilt every summer from the ground up. At least, that is how it feels. You can’t walk four steps without running into some guy with a jackhammer and an apparent hatred of concrete. On my daily commute, I encounter 5 separate construction sites, all of which have, for whatever reason, decided to remove either the road or sidewalk that I was planning on using to get to work. Pictured above is the removal of the old Nuclear Engineering building across from Hoover in preparation for construction of the new Student Innovation Center.

These pictures were taken at Ada Hayden, which is a lake north of Ames. It has a lot of running paths and is especially great in the evening for taking pictures or being attacked by mosquitos.


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